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Eureka Cooker

(Radiant and functional oven)

The Eureka Cooker can cook and heat simultaneously.

  • Use the top of the cooker for pots and pans, whilst roasting in the very functional oven under the firebox.
  • Easy to use controls to regulate the oven temperature.
  • The firebox opening is at a convenient height for loading timber, and for viewing the dancing flames.
  • Large 2 shelf oven with temperature gauge. The Eureka Cooker would be a great addition to any kitchen or family room.


Overall Dimension (Height) 865 mm
Overall Dimension (Width) 650 mm
Overall Dimension (Depth) 560 mm
Firebox Dimension (Height) 281 mm
Firebox Dimension (Width) 440 mm
Firebox Dimension (Depth) 282 mm
Door Opening Dimension (Height x Width) 200 x 490mm
Glass Viewing Size (Height x Width) 223 x 456mm
Flue Size 150mm
Back of Heater to Flue Centre 110 mm
Shipping weight 185kg
Linings Firebricks on walls
Baffle thickness 8mm
Glass Type Flat, toughened 5mm ceramic
Hearth & Clearance requirements 
Min. Hearth Width 890 mm
Min. Hearth Depth 1095 mm
Min. Hearth Thickness 12 mm
Min. In Front Of Unit 350 mm
Rear Clearance 175 mm
Side Clearance 350 mm
Corner Clearance 200 mm
Emissions N/A
Efficiency N/A
Peak Output N/A
Peak efficiency % quoted  


Eureka Manual Download