eureka 250x80 4
Garnet (Large)

Huge unit with powerful output up to 320m2. Similar features to Opal and Miner units, but a larger version.

The huge glass window allows optimum viewing with an 8mm baffle and firebrick lined firebox, requiring a 175mm flue.

Overall Dimension (Height) 1008 mm
Overall Dimension (Width) 782 mm
Overall Dimension (Depth) 570 mm
Firebox Dimension (Height) 420 mm
Firebox Dimension (Width) 572 mm
Firebox Dimension (Depth) 374 mm
Door Opening Dimension (Height x Width) 309 x 622mm
Glass Viewing Size (Height x Width) 333 x 588mm
Flue Size 175mm
Back of Heater to Flue Centre 180 mm
Shipping weight 202kg
Linings Firebricks on walls
Baffle thickness 8mm
Glass Type Flat, toughened 5mm ceramic
Hearth & Clearance requirements 
Min. Hearth Width 1020 mm
Min. Hearth Depth 1100 mm
Min. Hearth Thickness 20 mm
Min. In Front Of Unit 450mm
Rear Clearance 150mm*
Side Clearance 450 mm
Corner Clearance 200 mm
  * denotes standard flue sheild required (included in wood heater)
Emissions 1.3g/kg
Efficiency 65%*
Peak Output 24kw
Peak efficiency % quoted