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  Air seeders carrying a bigger load
The Weekly Times, 04/07/2018
Ag Contractor 01 W Kondinin Group 03 AG W Ararat Advertiser 15 GA W
Australian-made machinery
Ag Contractor, Juy/August 2018
Fertiliser spreaders
Farming Ahead, June 2018
Another step for school's fire recovery
The Ararat Advertiser, 08/06/2018
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Gason workers notch up a decade
The Ararat Advertiser, 29/05/2018
Takeover to create new jobs in region
The Ararat Advertiser, 15/05/2018
Gason Industrial Machinery
MWOA eAccess, Autumn 2018
AFDJ 01 W Ararat Advertiser 12 VTA W Weekly Times 04 AG W
Cropper Topper
AFDJ, November 2017-January 2018
Battling the big boys
The Ararat Advertiser, 06/10/2017
Gason spreader goes the distance
The Weekly Times, 15/03/2017
Kondinin Group 02 AG W Ararat Advertiser 11 TP W Kondinin Group 01 AG W
Air commodity carts
Farming Ahead, June 2017
Raffle for skate park
The Ararat Advertiser, 25/07/2017
Gason seeds of change
Farming Ahead, April 2017
Weekly Times 03 GA W

The Border Mail 20 02 2016 W

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Gason seeder takes out the trash
The Weekly Times, 15/03/2017
Wiesners add Gason to seeder range
The Border Mail, 20/02/2016
Gason is on the right Trak
The Ararat Advertiser, 19/07/2016
Weekly Times-01-GA-W Farm Weekly-01-AG-W Drive Away Kings Cars-01A-GA-W
Gason links up with Deere
The Weekly Times, 23/03/2016
Products for sowing the seeds of growth
Farm Weekly, 18/02/2016
Storming ahead
DriveAway, Summer 2015/2016
CGLLEN 01 GA W Weekly Advertiser-01-WG-W Ararat Advertiser-03-WG-W
Gason Takes on Two Thomases
CGLLEN Annual Report, 2016
Wayne Gason Celebrates 30 Years
The Weekly Advertiser, 16/12/2015
Wayne Gason Celebrates 30 Years
The Ararat Advertiser, 11/12/2015
Ararat Advertiser-02A-GA-W Past-8-The Weekly Times-1-GA-W Past-6-Wimmera Field Days-W
Grampians Pyreness Business Awards
The Ararat Advertiser, 08/12/2015
Liquid all the rage
The Weekly Times, 24/07/2013
50th Annual Program
Wimmera Machinery Field Days 2012
Past-5-The Weekly Advertiser-1-GA-W Past-3-The Weekly Times-1-GA-W Past-2-The Weekly Times-1-GA-W
Greg Gason Celebrating 30 Years
The Weekly Advertiser, 09/02/2012
Airseeder range pumped up
The Weekly Times, 21/03/2007
New wheel presses right buttons
The Weekly Times, 27/09/2006