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Barossa (Medium)

Relax and enjoy the warmth of the magnificent Barossa. This huge, powerful, fan forced woodheater was designed to meet the requirements of larger homes in all of Australia’s most severe winter conditions.

Incorporating the stylish looks and innovative features of the smaller Riverina, the vast firebox of the Barossa will effortlessly heat your entire home all winter long.

Enjoy the ambience of an all Australian crackling log fire in your home. Ideal to heat up to 260m2.

Emissions 1.4g

Efficiency 72%*

Log Length 410mm

*Peak efficiency % quoted

Overall Dimension (Height) 937 mm
Overall Dimension (Width) 710 mm
Overall Dimension (Depth) 570 mm
Firebox Dimension (Height) 343 mm
Firebox Dimension (Width) 500 mm
Firebox Dimension (Depth) 347 mm
Door Opening Dimension (Height x Width) 240 x 550mm
Glass Viewing Size (Height x Width) 263 x 516mm
Flue Size 150mm
Back of Heater to Flue Centre 180 mm
Shipping weight 165kg
Linings Firebricks on walls
Baffle thickness 8mm
Glass Type Flat, toughened 5mm ceramic
Hearth & Clearance requirements  
Min. Hearth Width 950 mm
Min. Hearth Depth 1050 mm
Min. Hearth Thickness 18 mm
Min. In Front Of Unit 400 mm
Rear Clearance 150mm*
Side Clearance 400 mm
Corner Clearance 175 mm
  * denotes standard flue sheild required (included in wood heater)
Emissions 1.4g/kg
Efficiency 72%*
Peak Output 21kw
Peak efficiency % quoted  

**Denotes standard flue shield required (included in woodheater)


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