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Sorrento (Small)

The Sorrento freestanding is a mid sized woodheater designed to heat 220m2.

With its heavy duty fan and high performance coupled with its large bay view glass and streamlined sides, this woodheater is an excellent addition to the family home.

Emissions 1.0g

Efficiency 71%*

Log Length 450mm


Height: 745mm   Flue Size: 150mm
Width: 640mm   Capacity: Up to 220m2
Depth: 588mm   Weight: 180kg
Back of woodheater to centre of flue: 150mm  


Clearances and Hearth Dimensions

Min Hearth Size: Width: 900mm - Depth: 1070mm - Thickness: 4.5mm
(300mm in front of woodheater base)
Rear Wall: 150mm
Side Wall: 450mm
Corners: 125mm


*Peak efficiency % quoted