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Hamersley (Large)

The Hamersley Insert features a satin black trim strip To heat up to 260m2

  • Huge, self cleaning fireplace window
  • Quiet, high performance fans
  • Heavy duty steel firebox
  • Heavy gauge, thick cast iron liners (heat retaining)
  • Firebrick lined woodheater base
  • Deep firebox for infrequent cleaning
  • Long lasting 8mm steel baffle plate

Overall Dimension (Height) 750 mm
Overall Dimension (Width) 1010 mm
Fascia Depth inc. mantle 105 mm
Rear Casing Dimension (Height) 630 mm
Rear Casing Dimension (Width) 665 mm
Rear Casing Dimension (Depth) 430 mm
Firebox Dimension (Height) 339 mm
Firebox Dimension (Width) 582 mm
Firebox Dimension (Depth) 370 mm
Door Opening Dimension (Height x Width) 239 x 602mm
Glass Viewing Size (Height x Width) 263 x 566mm
Flue Size 150mm
Back of Fascia to Flue Centre 257 mm
Shipping weight 170kg
Linings Cast Iron Liners on walls, Firebricks in base
Baffle thickness 8mm
Glass Type Flat, toughened 5mm ceramic
Hearth & Clearance Requirements  
Min. Hearth Width 1000 mm
Min. Hearth Depth (in front of unit) 600 mm
Min. Hearth Thickness 18 mm
Clearance to Mantle Upright 150 mm
Clearance to Mantel Shelf (from appliance base) 1225 mm
Clearance to Mantel Breast Plate (from appliance base) 975 mm
Emissions 1.0g/kg
Efficiency 64%*
Peak Output 15kw
Peak efficiency % quoted  

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