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Riverina (Small)

If your home already possesses an open brick fireplace, or if you are building a home and wish to incorporate an open fire feel, you can now convert to clean burning, high efficiency combustion heating with the Jindara Riverina.

Based on the successful pedestal unit, this insert allows you to achieve the best possible warmth for your family while not using up precious floor space in your home.

The Riverina is designed to fit into an existing brick chimney and is fitted with a powerful 3 speed fan so the super heated air is transferred rapidly into your home for maximum efficiency.

The Riverina insert will heat up to 160m2.

Emissions 0.9g

Efficiency 72%*

Log Length 340mm


Facia Height: 750mm   Flue Size: 150mm
Facia Width: 882mm   Capacity: Up to 160m2
Facia Depth: 42mm   Weight: 120kg
Rear Casing Height 598mm      
Rear Casing Width 570mm      
Rear Casing Height 365mm      
Back of woodheater to centre of flue: 134mm  
Back of fascia to centre of flue: 231mm   


Clearances and Hearth Dimensions

Min Hearth Size: Width: 890mm - Depth: 570mm - Thickness: 12mm
(530mm in front of woodheater base)**
To Side Member 50mm
From top of appliance to underside of mantle 352mm
Top of appliance to timber mantle breast plate 292mm
From back of fascia to front of flue spigot 145mm


*Peak efficiency % quoted

**To achieve a minimum hearth depth of 400mm, unit must be raised by minimum 103mm