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Para-Maxx Parallelogram Planters

A Gason Para-Maxx will be one of the most used machines on your property.  The multipurpose system allows various attachments to perform conventional working, planting with tines and planting with discs. 

For optimum seed placement, the Gason parallelogram press wheel assembly can be fitted to the HydraTILL tine assembly. The parallelogram linkage system provides a constant working angle and depth of the seeding tine/sowing boot as it follows the ground contour.


  • Independent hydraulic adjustment on both coulter and tines
  • Three row design and tine layout for easy access to implements and excellent trash flow, with high clearance for transportation
  • Can be fitted with single or double press wheels with a high lift position
  • Adaptable row spacings
  • The Gason Coulter consists of a large 450mm (18”) boron steel disc with two rubberised steel gauge wheels fitted either side
  • Three optional tine configurations – spear point, knife point and 51° double bolt hole shank for conventional tools such as sweeps

“We’re onto our third Para-Maxx and could not be happier with the results we’re getting.”

Darryl Carrigan is a farmer/contractor in Moree NSW.