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Total Tine Technology

Constant sowing depth can be achieved with Gason’s tine release geometry and vertical adjustment.

Tine depth can be varied across the frame to follow bed contours, with an option to place tines lower behind tractor wheels

Tine assembly towers are mounted above the toolbar to maximise trash clearance. Conventional working with sweeps, minimum till or no till with knife points


  • ScariTILL spring release tines with two optional breakout forces (400lbs or 540lbs)
  • HydraTILL hydraulic release mechanism provides variable adjustment (up to 680lbs breakout force) and a soft return mechanism.
  • Precision agriculture with optional parallelograms, constant seed depth with banding if required
  • Choose from spearpoint shanks with male or female adapters or double bolt shanks with either 47° or 50° forged feet, both with vertical adjustment