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VHD Taper Back 3PL Twin Rotor Side Shift Slasher (8ft)

  • Suitable for 70 to 120HP Tractors (Subject to Compatible Tractor Specifications)
  • The Hydraulic Side Shift Very Heavy Duty Slasher is designed and constructed for demanding slashingconditions with the ability to freely manoeuvre the cutting zone to suit terrain or environmental conditions
  • This will assist in increased productivity by the machine operator.

VHD2R2270-SS (GPN: 224364)

  • Width of cut - 2.27m (7'5")
  • Deck width - 2.38m (7’10")
  • Overall width - 2.5m (8’2”)
  • Trucking - 2.5w x 2.3d x 1.2h
  • Shipping - 2.5 x 1.8 x 1.2 (5.4 cubic m)
  • Weight - 1480kg
  • PTO speed - 1000 rpm


  • Rigid plate headstock connected to slide body structure supports
  • 6mm thick height adjustable sides with 12mm thick hardened steel skids
  • Heavy duty output shaft gearbox and PTO shaft Comer Italian
  • 2 position rear wheel kit (if fitted) allowing for tighter turning (180⁰ castor only) and forward/reverse work (360⁰ castor)
  • Manual adjustment for king pin to remain vertical to maintain same cutting height in forward or reverse operation
  • Side shift to right movement from centre = 1.62m
  • Side shift to the left movement from centre = 1.95mm
  • These features are supported with complimenting options make thisslasher ideal for roadside slashing contractors and larger property owners

Standard Features

  • Deck Material - 6mm Deck, fully welded top with 6mm side plates
  • Deck profile - Folded easy clean deck design
  • Gearbox - 140HP Comer 1:1 Gearbox driveline with 20 spline input shaft
  • PTO Shaft - Comer T80 Series and torsion rubber couplings
  • Clutch - 4 Plate clutch with over-runFinish: Low bake enamel
  • Headstock - 8mm Fixed plate headstock with upper hitch point "Flip Top” feature (Cat 2), working range locked & slot 5⁰ float Fully floating 5⁰ down and 47⁰ up with shock absorbing pad
  • Skids - 6mm Height adjustable sides with simple "lock & dog" adjustment including 100 x 12mm, hardened steel skids
  • Debris Control - Rear discharge deflectors fitted to minimize windrow
  • Rotor Bar - 120 x 14mm Spring steel rotor bars
  • Blades - 100 x 13mm Swing back blades on hardened bushes for better wear
  • Linkage Mounting - Cat 2 and 3 compatible with high tower 3PL pick up points
  • Front & Rear Chains - Galvanized safety chain with rod replacement system
  • Tyres - 6.00 x 9" Wheel kit with solid rubber forklift tyres fitted std


  • Oil seal protector kit twin rotor only (Comer gearbox only)