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Pasture Toppers & Broadacre Stubble Mulchers

Gason’s range of Pasture and Cropper Toppers combine innovative design with expert manufacturing.  Premium quality standard features and a choice of options provide industry leading performance in the paddock.

Designed and built in Australia from quality materials and expert manufacturing they have strength and durability – they are built strong to last long.

With more than 43 years of innovation, Gason Toppers are your best choice for topping and stubble mulching machinery.

Better pasture management 

The Gason Pasture Topper is designed for sharp, clean cutting of pasture, with discharged cuttings spread evenly behind without windrowing can help to improve pasture production. Choose between three-point-linkage or trailed Pasture Topper models in a range of widths to suit your needs.

The Cropper Topper is an ‘all gear drive’ (no belts) stubble mulcher that meets the needs of most continuous cropping cereal growers who require a higher level of trashing efficiency, sturdy machine design and construction, coupled with reliable performance values.

The range of Cropper Topper broadacre stubble mulchers provide the cereal growers with a machine that is designed and built for purpose with a range of options to improve productivity.