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Gason Spreaders have been used for more than 20 years in all regions of the country, from Far North Queensland to Southern Tasmania. Every model is designed to cater for Australian conditions, and capable of handling almost any product – from chicken litter and compost to urea, pelletised phosphates and lime.

Gason Spreaders feature world class design, made from quality materials that will endure. Our Premium Spreaders accommodate VRT hydraulic metering, widespread spinner discs and centre vee – giving you tremendous capability and the flexibility of a modern spreader.

Hear what Chris Bartlett has to say about our 12T Premium spreaders!

Built to last

Innovative design paired with practical knowledge and expert manufacturing has resulted in Gason’s Classic and Premium ranges of multi-purpose Spreaders that give superior performance and require little maintenance.  

With models from three to twelve tonne capacity, our machines can easily adjusted to suit environmental conditions. 

Our simple but highly effective ground drive mechanism automatically adjusts application rates as ground speed changes, which is particularly useful in undulating or variable country.