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Gason Classic and Premium Spreaders

The Superior Spreader for all seasons, fertilisers and materials. Gason spreaders are all steel construction, with low maintenance and great accuracy.

Choose between Premium Series for high capacity and performance, and Classic Series for simplicity and ease of use.   

Australian Made And Owned

Premium Series

Gason 12T spreaders are equipped with WideSpread technology, enabling pelletised urea to be spread to 36 meters.
By changing the discs and removing one panel from the discharge area, the spreader can also be used to spread lime, gypsum and manures.
Designed specifically for VRT hydraulic drive, the Premium Series spreader can be as simple to use as a Classic model or fully loaded with the latest spreading technology.

Classic Series

The 3T & 7T spreaders will spread urea to 24m and heavy pelletized fertilisers up to 30m.
Its feed chain is controlled by a 3 speed fully sealed Australian built gearbox / jockey wheel drive system running on the spreader’s tyres.
Fine application rate adjustment is made by changing the rear discharge door height. Spinners are operated hydraulically, and speed can be controlled either at the spreader or tractor.


12T Premium7T Classic3T Classic
Capacity12 tonne7 tonne3 tonne
Chain Width 730mm730mm500mm
Spinner Diameter890mm675mm575mm
Max Hydraulic Flow 110L/min57L/min50L/min
Unloaded Weight 3,000kg1,700kg1,250kg
Max Loaded Weight 15,830kg8,900kg4,510kg