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Features & Options

Gason Planters are designed by experts and built with high quality materials to ensure our machines deliver superior in field performance and stand the test of time.

We understand that every farm is different, and our range of optional extras are designed to maximise efficiency and planting performance. Once you have selected the frame and tines that best suit your needs, then choose from rigid pull or floating hitch, a range of row spacings, large singles or walking wheels, and additional press wheels to improve germination rates.  

Our tillage planter bars provide exceptional trash clearance with straight edges on tines and clean underframe design with no tine towers or springs fitted below the frame.

Depending on model choose from 178mm, 200mm, 229mm, 250mm and 333mm row spacings.

Only the best quality hydraulic components are used for precise control and reduced maintenance. Heavy duty, hardened and Molycoated pins and bushes minimise wear and maintain wing hinge alignment.

Rigid pull or floating hitch

Rigid pull is often better for flat paddocks because considerable weight is transferred to the tractor drawbar improving traction. Available with hydraulic hitch height adjustment.

Floating hitchis the ideal choice for uneven ground. The entire weight of the machine is carried on two rows of wheels allowing it to closely follow contours. 

Press wheels

Press wheels help to increase soil-to-seed contact which can improve germination rates and soil moisture utilisation. Available tine or frame mounted for row spacings above 250mm. 

Sowing boots can be mounted on the press wheel arm for better seed depth control, and optional scrapers are available to stop build up in sticky conditions.


Large singles are standard on all controlled traffic models or by request on some other models.

Walking wheelsare excellent at following contours and maintaining an even seed depth. They are especially suited to rocky conditions. Walking beam wheels can assist with depth variation.