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Features and Options

The Gason range of Spreaders have been expertly designed to offer simple operation, requiring minimal adjustment to achieve better than the industry standard for spread accuracy.

Manufactured in Australia to the highest quality specifications, our Spreaders are built simply and strong to provide long lasting superior performance.



Hungry Boards

Can be fitted to increase capacity for lighter materials – available as standard or an option on most models.

Tarp Kit

Fitted with long handle for ground operation.

Heavy Duty Spinners

Sold in pairs and are suited to spread chicken manures, where material may be contaminated or extremely heavy.
Heavy duty spinners are supplied with low profile fins and thicker base material. They are NOT designed to spread pelletised material.

Calibration Kit

Consists of 2 collection trays, sample bag, digital scales and carry frame.
Useful for determining the accuracy of the door height for light rates of pelletised product. Only available for 7 tonne models.

Load Cells

Effectively monitor how much product remains in the bin from the tractor cabin in real time.

Tail Light Kit

Indicator, brake, and reverse lights for safer on-road transportation.

Independent Feed Chain & Spinner Hydraulic Kit

Available on Ground Drive models to separate the gearbox control from the spinner.