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Options & Features

Gason Air Seeders are designed and built to last. The machines deliver clear benefits to farmers, making seeding as easy and efficient as possible. 


Air intake warmer kit fitted with Gason’s anti-dump relief valve to protect against loss of oil from early mornig dampness. Kits can be bought to suit Black Series (Mounted) seeders or Blue/Platinum Series (tow-behind machines).

Gason manufacture 8, 9 and 12 inch Augers for ease of product transfer. Various air seeder modles can accommodate an Auger system – see your Gason dealer for more informtion.

A pasture planter system has been designed to operate in conjunction with the range of Gason air seeders. They can be added to all Black, Blue and Platinum Series air seeders. This smaller bin is fitted with Gason’s Variable Rate Technology (VRT) and can be used for additional small seed distribution.

Pest control has never been easier! Fit a bait bin alongside your small seeds pasture planter to apply pest poisons while you’re seeding.

Multiple options are available for seed distribution – Broadcast System, Combiner Y System & Individualised Placement System. See your Gason dealer for more information.

Other options are available for Platinum Series air seeders, such as internal bin lights and rear walkways. Please see your Gason dealer for a complete list of optional extras.


SR Meterbox

Side Release meterboxes provide exceptional functionality, enabling fast and effective cleaning/changeover, and catering to a wide range of seeding practices.

Simply slide out the metering shaft assembly and cleaning can be complete in a couple of minutes. Reduction plates can also be fitted for metering canola and other small seeds in a similar time.


Metering accuracy is assured with Gason’s Variable Rate Technology.  

Our VRT system offers superior functionality, providing assurance for your current and future requirements. VRT is perfect for those using or considering prescription farming practices, and the integration of GPS mapping technologies. 

Controlled Traffic

A castor wheel design is used on smaller models, for excellent manoeuvrability and reverse capability. Larger models are equipped with a steerable front axle, ensuring accurate tracking when working around hillsides. Large floatation gripster type tyres are used on the full range of Gason Air Seeders.

Blue Series and Platinum Series air seeder models are available in 2m or 3m controlled traffic configurations – this excludes 1760 trailed models. 

Fan & Hydraulic Systems

All Gason’s hydraulic components are of the highest quality, designed for a long, trouble-free service life. 

Our hydraulically driven fan uses a highly efficient, simple tapered design. With an Axial piston hydraulic motor, the fully welded aluminium impeller is directly mounted to the motor, meaning there’s no external couplings or bearings to maintain.

The flow control valve prevents over-speeding of the impeller and can control fan speed (depending on configuration). Bins are pressurise automatically for maximum conveying efficiency.

Shooting Options & Blending

Gason Air Seeders are suitable for single, double or triple shooting, depending on the configuration of your planter bar. 

Easy to operate diverter levers place seed and fertiliser in separate primary tubes or in a combination of blends. Removable clear panels on the Side Release meterbox allows for easy confirmation of product diversion.