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All Gason Air Seeders come equipped with in-cab monitoring systems, keeping the driver up-to-date with operating status. Turn individual bins on or off, and change application rates while on the move.

All VRT seeders can be fully controlled from the cab’s monitor following calibration. Most VRT monitors on offer variable rate prescription maps to allow automatic variation of seed and fertiliser application.  

Buyers can choose from several monitor makes and models depending on preference or to complement existing farm equipment. SmartAG monitors come standard with all Gason air seeders unless otherwise specified.  

SmartAG 7500

The SmartAG 7500 monitor and control Unipod is the standard monitor of choice for the Gason air seeder range. Its high quality, bright color touch screen with variable display layouts offer operators the flexibility in how they view information. Customers also receive a head blockage monitor and 1 head sensor, Further head sensors can be purchased at anytime.

The 7500 is capable of accepting variable rate application maps and uses a USB port as a means of loading & transferring data. Simple to use, packed with user friendly features, a very cost
effective and accurate monitor.

Topcon X35 & Topcon Apollo

The Topcon x35 monitor is a powerful all-in-one console that is capable of multiple tasks. It can be used as a 2cm RTK auto steer console and has a number of software options to control and monitor air seeders, sprayers and spreader functions. The X35 has the latest in touch screen technology and a variety of add-on options.

To enhance the functionality of the X35, a comprehensive data manager software package is available as an option.
Alternatively the less monitor option will allow ISOBUS connectivity on compatible tractors. This is done by using the Topcon Apollo controller. The air seeder is suppled with an ISOBUS connector for plugging into the tractor socket.

John Deere Dry Rate Controller

(monitor not supplied)

For those customers with GS3 2630 or Gen 4 displays , the JD ‘Dry Rate Controller’ Ready option may be the best way to achieve less clutter in the cab and to combine all tractor and sowing functions into the one package. If ordered, Gason will fit and test the JD dealer supplied components to the seeder to ensure flawless operation before the seeder leaves the factory.

John Deere owners will be able to maximize efficiency by using the existing tractor display and functions such as documentation which, when combined with JD Apex Farm Management Software, can enable variable rate application.