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  • Gason Mowers, Slashers & Toppers

    Gason mowers, slashers and toppers can be your first choice for mowing, slashing, topping and stubble mulching machinery.

    We are serious in providing Australian agricultural operators with the opportunity to invest in machinery that is designed and built in Australia, equipped with components of strength and durability to meet the evolving demands our country imposes on machinery.

    Consider Gason mowers, slashers and toppers - you will not be disappointed.

    Maintaining a 40 year old tradition

    AF Gason Pty Ltd 2010 acquisition of Chris Grow Engineering further compliments our commitment for manufacture and supplying our customers the best in Australian designed and built agricultural machinery.

    The Gason range of mowers, slashers and toppers provides innovative operating designs and features determined by each relevant agricultural sector and supported by complimenting components and fixtures to provide leading performance and reliability for your investment.

    AF Gason Pty Ltd Engineering and Design Department is focused on the in-field operating reliability of machines and new product design for the next generation of mowers and slashers, including matching or exceeding the statutory design and safety requirements for modern day mowers, slashers and toppers.

    Industry leading choice of mower, slasher and topper platforms:

    VHD Mowers & Slashers – Very Heavy-Duty is the basis of our public works and contractor selection of machines including single rotor slashers, twin rotor public works range of machines and delta wing mower / slashers.

    Orchard mowers: Gason is proud to be the leading supplier of orchard mowers to the horticultural sector with CGE having been instrumental in creating interow mowing concepts which are now deemed standard operation.

    Vineyard mowers: Again, Gason has enhanced the design and development of the interow vineyard mower providing a standard range of machines to meet most vineyard requirements.

    Proper Topper - Growing sound pasture and its maintenance is an important requirement function for professional farm and stud managers. Regular topping of paddocks can improve your pasture and increase production.

    Cropper Topper - The highly productive range of Cropper Topper stubble mulchers provides the modern day broadacre cereal grower with ‘purpose specific designed’ machines and complimenting options to achieve higher levels of infield productivity.

  • Orchard & Vineyard Mowers


    front rear vineyard mower

    Front/Rear Mount (5'11", 7'4" & 8')

    Twin Rotor Vineyard Mower
    3pl drop centre

    3PL Drop Centre (6'2", 6'6" & 7'2")

    Twin Rotor Vineyard Mower
    twin rotor rapier vineyard mower

    Rapier (6'6" & 7'4")

    Twin Rotor Vineyard Mower

    vhd taper back 3pl single rotor orchard mower

    VHD Taper Back 3PL (7')

    Single Rotor Orchard Mower
    vhd 3pl drop centre twin rotor orchard mower

    VHD 3PL Trailed Drop Centre (8'6" & 9'6")

    Twin Rotor Orchard Mower
    vhd flat deck taper back twin rotor orchard mower

    VHD Flat Deck Taper Back (8'6" & 10')

    Twin Rotor Orchard Mower

    flat deck triple rotor orchard mower

    Flat Deck (9'6" & 10'6")

    Triple Rotor Orchard Mower
    winged deck triple rotor orchard mower

    Winged Deck (9'6", 10'6" & 11'6")

    Triple Rotor Orchard Mower
    front rear mount vhd 3pm twin rotor orchard mower

    Front/Rear Mount VHD 3PL (10' & 12')

    Twin Rotor Orchard Mower

    10ft 12ft vhd trailed orchard-mower

    VHD Trailed (10' & 12')

    Twin Rotor Orchard Mower
    tdc orchard mower

    Trailed Drop Centre (10'2", 11'6" & 13'6")

    Twin Rotor Orchard Mower
    winged deck triple rotor orchard mower

    VHD Winged Deck (12'6")

    Triple Rotor Orchard Mower

    vhd trailed triple rotor orchard mower

    VHD Trailed (14')

    Triple Rotor Orchard Mower
    15-20ft delta wing orchard mower

    VHD Delta Wing (15' & 20')

    Mulch Throw Orchard Mower
  • VHD Slashers


    6ft single rotor slasher

    VHD Taper Back (6ft & 7ft)

    3PL Single Rotor Slasher
    8ft single rotor slasher

    VHD Taper Back (8ft)

    3PL Twin Rotor Slasher
    8ft side shift slasher

    VHD Taper Back (8ft)

    3PL Twin Rotor Side Shift Slasher

    7-8ft single rotor slasher

    VHD Square Back (7ft & 8ft)

    3PL Single Rotor Slasher
    10-12ft twin rotor slasher

    VHD Square Back (10ft & 12ft)

    3PL Twin Rotor Slasher
    10-12ft trailed twin rotor slasher

    VHD Trailed (10ft & 12ft)

    Twin Rotor Slasher

    15-20ft delta wing slasher

    VHD Delta Wing (15ft & 20ft)

    Multi-Purpose Slasher
  • Pasture Toppers & Broadacre Stubble Mulchers

    8-10ft linkage proper topper

    3PL Proper Topper (8ft & 10ft)

    Pasture Topper
    10-12ft trailed proper topper

    Trailed Proper Topper (10ft & 12ft)

    Pasture Topper
    24ft cropper topper

    Cropper Topper (24ft)

    Broadacre Stubble Mulcher

    31ft cropper topper

    Cropper Topper (31ft)

    Broadacre Stubble Mulcher
    35ft cropper topper

    Cropper Topper (35ft)

    Broadacre Stubble Mulcher
    41ft cropper topper

    Cropper Topper (41ft)

    Broadacre Stubble Mulcher
  • History

    AF Gason Pty Ltd is proudly building on the product foundation created by Chris Grow Engineering.

    Having acquired the intellectual rights to a range of popular CGE machine models in 2010, we have now created a comprehensive range of standard models to meet the needs of customers who value strong build quality and impressive operating statistics.

    New models are being created to satisfy the evolving machinery demands imposed by legislation, farming practices and general changes that regularly arise.

    We reflect on our new history with Gason-CGE mowers and slashers as follows:

    Triple rotor, trailed Almond Orchard Mower is brought into the range of Gason-CGE mowers and slashers. This model has been the machine of choice for 30 years for the ever growing Australian Almond Orchard Industry.

    VHD range of Council / Shire mowers and slasher’s sales increase in great numbers, reflecting the popularity of this range for demanding slashing conditions and versatile operating design.

    Single rotor VHD slashers become the machine of choice for Government departments involved with maintenance within National Parks and roadside slashing requirements.

    Current comprehensive range of flat deck and winged orchard mowers completed to Gason engineering and manufacturing standards and released to the market.

    Proper Topper design updated to meet the requirements of industry standard “Slashers - A guide on health and safety standards - February 2011”. 12 month trialing of the 35ft Cotton Mulcher proves successful in all areas of performance, build strength and field results.

    AF Gason Pty Ltd acquire the intellectual rights to Chris Grow Engineering mowers and slashers. Gason engineers commence updating designs and investing in manufacturing jigs and tools. Cropper Toppers are the first product to be fully built at Ararat for the Australian market.

    A reminder of the Chris Grow Engineering history follows:

    Chris Grow Engineering has stood the test of time since being founded by Chris Grow in 1977. Located in the heart of the cool climate region of the Adelaide Hills, South Australia, it has flourished to become a national and international exporter of product.

    The company was established with the sole aim of providing a specialist service in the design of tractor drawn mowing equipment. It has become the premier mower designer and manufacturer within Australia and exports to the USA, France, Spain and New Zealand.

    Chris Grow Engineering strength lies in the fact that early in it's history the company embarked upon, and has sustained, an extensive research and development program. This program caters for the most recent advancements and developments in industry practice. That means it continually produces state of the art equipment that can compete on any world stage.

    Quality and quality assurance is important, as the following will attest to:

    • Quality accreditation to ISO9001:2000. Certification Number 7875

    • Certification Europe EC Machinery Directive 98/37/EC

    • Australian Standards ASO 4024.1-2006, AS1121-1983 and AS/NZS 2153.1:1997 (ISO4254-1:1989) have been adhered to in the design of CGE mowers

    • Occupational, Health, Safety and Welfare requirements have been adhered to in the design of CGE mowers

    • Chris Grow Engineering Pty Ltd products are covered by a 12 month warranty

    CGE - 30 years in the making... a look back

    3 Row Vineyard Mower received Innovation Award 2008 from the Wine Industry Suppliers Association.

    3 Row Vineyard Mower.
    Concept idea and drafts started in early 2006 and fast tracked in February 2007 after top management meeting convened by Fosters Wine Group. Prototype developed for static release at Wine Tech, July 2007. Trials of the machine commenced late 2007.

    Soil scientists and viticulturalists from California consulting to Spanish clients recommended the use of Chris Grow Engineering mowers. Vineyards in Toledo commence new practice with CGE equipment.

    “Cropper Topper” Stubble Mulcher.
    Broadacre cropping farmers pursue 'no till' and 'no burn' stubble management. Conventional hay mowers and field slashers leave windrows and not fine pulverised stubble. Leading industry figure, Mr Brian Hedt's (Victoria’s Wimmera region) expertise and trials bought about the development of high speed stubble mulcher for 'no till' management units from 24ft to 41ft wide.

    Twin Row mowing system developed for Pellenc, France to suit tool carrier arms for multifunction tractor. A purpose specific designed 3 rotor hydraulic mower with full floatation and contour pivots to cater for the extremities of movement in over row tractors.

    Development of large multi rotor industrial slashers to 24ft wide for forestry and airfield clearing.

    Californian produced units flow north to vineyards in Oregon and Washington and east to Texas.
    New Zealand distributor appointed.

    New US corporation formed with American Partners to manufacture in California USA.

    Certification Europe – The CE mark. Chris Grow Engineering was the first Australian agricultural machinery manufacturer to obtain Certification Europe, to comply with EEC and EEU standards. CGE pioneered a pathway between Europe and Australia to obtain endorsement consulting set up in Australia to eliminate on-site testing and certification in Europe.

    Chris Grow Engineering gained Quality Accreditation ISO9001, NATA Certified, for design and management.

    French importer distributor based in Nimes, south of France.

    Export growth in California with first units designed for Gallo wines organic ranch. Chris Grow Engineering mowers were customised to suit US viticultural conditions and practices - a service not offered by the major US mass produced products or European imports. CGE mowers are used by the most recognised wine producers in the USA.
    First expandable eclipsing under-vine mulch throw mower developed for Henschke Wines, Keyneton SA, to place both cut and imported straw under-vine on various row widths and mound sizes.

    The Australian Government Trade Commission (AUSTRADE), together with BHP, surveyed the Australian Wine Industry to find details about their practices and main suppliers of product and services, as North American winemakers and vineyard managers were intrigued with Australian wine technology.
    Chris Grow Engineering is a founding member of the Australian Wine Technology Export Group (AWTEG) under the auspices of Austrade. The seven member companies launched their services at Winetech, Sacramento, California in January 1996.

    The first export model vineyard mower was shipped to Narbonne, in the south of France.

    Under-vine mulch throw mower for Vineyards. Wine industry's leading consultants recommend less use of water and herbicide. High fibrous cover crops planted inter-row in warm climate vineyards are cut down prior to bud burst and the long stem foliage placed under-vine to retard weed growth and prevent evaporation from irrigation systems.
    Slasher, hay and sickle type mowers were trialled but the best results were obtained from a front mounted high clearance twin rotor side discharge mower.

    Patented “Proper Topper” Pasture topper designed and trialled with northern Victorian dairy farmers. Victorian and New South Wales dairy industry’s “Operation Mid Lactation” and “Target 20” programs were a clean, green push to boost milk production and protein via pasture improvement.
    The requirement was a clean cut with no wheel marks and windrows and of rugged reliability for everyday use. Many “off the shelf” mowing products were trialled. After the prototype was tested and refined, the group stated, “Finally, we’ve got a Proper Topper”. To this day it remains Chris Grow Engineering’s main product line to the dairy, beef and horse industries.

    First Twin Rotor Vineyard mower manufactured for Thomas Hardy and Sons Vineyard at Padthaway, SA. All vineyards in Australia at this time were either ploughed or rotary cultivated, these vineyards were the first to move towards a permanent sward of pasture inter-row and herbicide spraying under-vine.

    “New Implement Award” received at the Australian National Field Days in Orange NSW for the “Drop Centre Sprayer Mower”.

    One pass “Sprayer Mower” designed in conjunction with local orchardists, eliminating the standard practice of two passes down a row with an offset mower and two passes with an under-tree herbicide sprayer, a true proven saving of 75% of time, fuel and associated costs. Sprayer mowers are now the industry standard with some European manufacturers offering the same.

    Twin rotor “drop-centre” mower designed for “V” drain shaped inter-row in orchards.

    Found a niche market in building “scaled down” rotary slashers and grader blades for the mass importation of Japanese tractors in the under 30hp sector. All other suppliers tried to fit larger “cut down” implements.

    From a farming background, Chris Grow founded the business at age 19, after completing his apprenticeship at an Adelaide tractor and farm machinery franchise.

  • Tailored design solutions

    Gason-CGE is Australia’s leading innovator of mowing / slashing design and machine manufacture for agricultural based industries.

    The majority of Gason-CGE products have been created from an individual's need for a machine to carry out a mowing task particular to their property demands.

    The Gason-CGE range of products reflects a variety of standard models which cater for ‘industry standard’ applications via a variety of specialist, purpose specific designs, determined by a thorough analysis of the customers needs.

  • Designed and manufactured to individual needs

    AF Gason Pty Ltd was established in 1946 and with Gason-CGE mowers and slashers provides a manufacturing service basic to the design and manufacture of tractor drawn mowing equipment.

    The standard range of mowers are designed and manufactured to meet the individual needs of viticulturists, agriculturists and horticulturists in Australia, USA, France, Spain, South Africa and New Zealand.

    Our company takes great pride in its ability to manufacture machinery with the best design features and highest build quality to ensure the needs of its customers are satisfied. This is achieved by using modern manufacturing procedures crafted by dedicated professionals working to determined quality levels.

    The Company is committed to pursuing continuous improvement in all aspects of its operations and to assist in achievement of our objectives, has established a Quality Management System, which conforms to the requirements of the Australian / International Standard: AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 Certification No: QEC 5617.

  • Dedicated craftsmen working to determined quality levels

    AF Gason Pty Ltd was established in 1946 and with Gason-CGE mowers and slashers provides a manufacturing service basic to the design and manufacture of tractor drawn mowing equipment.

    Our aim is to maintain and develop the philosophies of CGE and provide a range of standard model machines basic to the design of tractor drawn mowing equipment. Historical export programs particularly in USA, France, Spain, South Africa and New Zealand, has supplemented Australian adoptions.

    Early in its history the company embarked upon and has sustained a research and development program which caters for developments in agriculture, acquiring knowledge of state of the art componentry and using modern manufacturing procedures by dedicated company craftsmen working to determined quality levels.

    The important aspect of reliable power transmission is achieved by utilising assemblies produced to ISO 9001 standards.

    • Chris Grow Engineering is Quality accredited to ISO 9001:2000. Certification Number 7875
    • Certification Europe EC Machinery Directive 98/37/EC
    • Recommendations as required in the following Australian Standards have been observed:
      AS 4024.1 - 2006
      AS 1121 - 2007
      AS/NZS 2153.1:1997 (ISO 4254-1:1989)
    • Relevant Occupational, Health, Safety and Welfare requirements have been considered in the design of all CGE Mowers
    • Chris Grow Engineering Pty Ltd products are covered by a 12 month warranty
  • Exceeding Australian safety standards

    AF Gason Pty Ltd takes a responsible attitude to meeting the required levels of safety in machine design and operations.

    All machines are manufactured to meet and or exceed the “Slashers - A guide on Health and Safety Standards - February 2011” guidelines that have been created.

    All PTO shafts are fully covered using an extensive range of approved covers and protective housings. All operator manuals are created to reflect current safe operating practices.

    As part of Research and Development as new safety standards or practices enter the market they are incorporated into the design and manufacture of Gason-CGE machines.

    All machines are issued with operator manuals.