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NT Series

The NT Series narrow transport planters were developed due to a growing demand for agricultural equipment to meet road transport regulations, without the need for a pilot. These practical planters excel in hilly countryside, and are easily manoeuvred through farm gates and winding roads. Compliment your NT Series planter with a Gason Black Series mounted air seeder for the most compact tillage package.

NT Series narrow transport planters utilise our producer proven ScariTILL and HydraTILL tine assemblies. Controlled traffic applications provide excellent manoeuvrability while minimising crop damage, and our frame-mounted press wheels and parallelogram press wheels ensure consistent seed depth. 

Australian Made And Owned

“Our property is spread over multiple locations, and the NT8000 has made it easy to get from location to location.
Getting around rocks and trees is a major advantage, and being able to navigate the winding roads leading to the paddocks was a huge selling point for us.”

Mark Oxley runs a farming enterprise in Newstead Victoria, where his land is situated on hilly and undulating terrain.


  1. 2.5m transport width for worry free transport
  2. 400lb & 540lb spring tines and hydraulic tines
  3. High flotation wheels mounted in-frame on 2m wheel centres
  4. Effective working width of 8m & 6.5m
  5. Coupled perfectly with Gason range of Air Seeders



  • Rear Tow Hitch
  • Seeder Mount (for Black Series air seeder)
  • Ground Engaging Tools
  • Presswheel Mud Scrapers
  • 2PL Hitch Leveller
  • Hydraulic Hitch Leveller
  • Throttle Check Valve (for HydraTILL)
  • Depth Sensor Kit (for STD monitor)
  • Second Accumulator Kit


Working Width Road Transport Width Road Transport HeightRoad Clearance Approximate Weight Max Working Depth

Watch the NT8000 in action