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T Series Planter

In 2019, the NT8000 narrow transport planter was developed to cater to a growing demand for agricultural equipment to meet road transport regulations without the need for a pilot vehicle.

A year later, the T Series came to life with broad acre varieties of its popular predecessor – the T10000 and T12000. These 10 and 12m machines provide the design benefits of the NT8000, but with the added bonus of a wider working width.

The T Series design utilises a V folded frame with in-built wheels located on a compact centre frame. Controlled traffic applications provide excellent manoeuvrability and the robust frame will accept the Gason ScariTill (spring) tines, HydraTill (hydraulic) tines, frame-mounted press wheels and parallelogram press wheels. Gason range of mounted & trailing air seeders are also fully compatible.


  • 3.5m Transport width
  • Pilot free transport
  • 8m working width
  • Mounted in-frame Floatation wheels
  • Compatible with Gason seeders and accessories
  • 400lb & 540lb spring tines & hydraulic tines, variable up to 650lb breakout


  • 400/540lb Spring Tines or Hydraulic Tines
  • Compliant transport dimensions
  • High flotation tyres on 3m wheel centres
  • Compatible with Gason Air Seeders
  • 10m & 12m working widths
  • 100% Australian Designed & Manufactured